About Us

Connect2nepal is an app developed by Nepali students in the US. The group that initiated a startup 'Ghumti Tech' with the mission- "An Initiative to improve the Lives in Nepal through Technology" has come up with an app, providing the Prepaid and postpaid phone recharge services in Nepal. The latest release of the app has the added Features of Bill Payment of NTC postpaid, NTC Landline, NTC ADSL, unlimited and volume based internet and Dish home TV. The app has made it feasible for the payments to be made internationally for the charges incurred at home in Nepal. The services are rendered through the cloud providing the maximum level of efficiency and ensuring the highest level of security.

Available in Google Play and App Store, the app is free to download/install. Transactions performed through Connect2nepal are secure and guaranteed in seconds. Your card information is encrypted and secured by SSL. If you are abroad in any countries and would like to surprise your near ones in Nepal, simply download the App and recharge their phones. If you are too busy to dial the numbers and frustrated of hearing "TAPAI LE DIAL GARNU BHAYAKO NUMBER AAHILE UPALAVDHA HUNA SAKENA" - let your family and loved ones from Nepal call you back, when the network is working.

Introducing the new technology and with high Quality, Ensuring the customer satisfaction the company aims to provide additional services in the near future. The regular improvements are implemented through the Updates. The customer service can be reached through an email:supportme@connect2nepal.com or users can chat live through Facebook page.